Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music – The Voice of Angels

Music is the voice of angels.

The bedtime lullaby your mother sang. The rock song you listened to in college.
The hymn sung at your parent’s funeral. A lifetime of music surrounds us.

Think back to whatever music was playing at your 8th grade dance—mine was "Crimson and Clover," while dancing with Greg Gebeke. Maybe you have a favorite hymn or Christmas song that still brings warm, tender memories.I remember with such delight the 4-part harmonies my sisters and I sang while riding in the car to Aunt Rhoda’s house as children. It has been over 40 years since I’ve sung it, but yes, I still can feel the whole song and hear the first line, “White choral bells upon a slender stalk, Lilies of the Valley deck my garden walk. Oh don’t you see how you can make them ring, that will only happen when the fairies sing!"

Yes, music is the voice of the angels. It speaks to our souls. It comforts, motivates, disturbs, uplifts. It enlivens, takes us to the depths of contemplation and reflection, causes us to dance deliriously, and brings memories into sharp focus.

Make sure you are listening to the music – the music that stirs your soul. Make sure you are listening to your own music in your soul. That is the voice of angels for you. We can all use more angels around us and through us, and music is a perfect way to do so.

Keep the music playing!

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