Saturday, June 6, 2009

The biggest “problem” with our golf games is not that we hit bad shots. The problem is that we think we are bad for having hit them. It’s when we tie our very self esteem into our performance or our shots that deeper inner problems begin to arise, and we begin to lose a piece (peace?) of who we really are … quoted from "Spirit of Golf" Thought of the Day.

When we begin to get hard on ourselves for our bad shot, our bodies record this negative energy - and the problems really begin. You've heard it about the greatest - "His game seems to be unraveling." I played golf twice this weekend. And though I'm not a competitive golfer by the stretch of anyone's imagination, I used to be very competitive in many other sports. I can't afford to get uptight about golf - it's much too complicated a sport for that! And if you want to really excell at golf, you can't afford to get uptight- period! Just think of that word, "uptight." If our thoughts after a poor shot are ones of denigration, or even too much disappointment, they signal the distress directly to every muscle, ligament, tendon. . . You won't be in the flow when you are tight. I've been using my favorite energy technique before, and on the way to, the golf course, incorporating the thought of "expecting nothing" - putting my mind in neutral. It is working quite well. It does not take anything away from wanting to do well. But it takes away all pressure, all expectation, all castigation of missed shots or downright awful drives! "Oh well!" My body stays at neutral. I'm enjoying myself. And I'm not defined by how poorly I play or even by how well I play! Try it. You will play to your optimal ability and enjoy yourself more than ever. I am!