Friday, December 5, 2008

Keep your Happy Friends Close By !

I like to listen to the Today Show and catch snippets of information. Today's Today snippet was on whether happiness is contagious. Turns out it is! And people's proximity matters as well!

* A happy friend that lives within 1/2 mile of you - you will be 42% happier

* A happy friend that lives within 1 mile of you - 25% happier

* Happy next door neighbors - 34% happier

* Happy sibling - 12% happier

* Happy co-workers - no bump in your happiness

We are herd animals. We need each other. We derive energy from each other. And we need this source of energy close by us to really impact our sense of well-being.

Of course, we are sympathetic and helpful when a friend is in a rough place. It feels important and good to be of service to others in need. But for the sake of this study, they're just talking about the contagion factor of "happiness."

We need to be around happy people. It is no small matter! The energy we emit affects those around us. It's all about energy. If you want some scientific data on the phenomenon of this energy transfer, I recommend Masaru Emoto's book, The Hidden Messages in Water and other fascinating research in my summary report. You can find this summary of the latest leading edge researchers in Energy Psychology and EFT under "scientific research" on my website.

It's worth considering how you can optimize your life by developing proximity to the people who make you laugh and feel light-hearted. It's easy to get too busy and forget about the need to be with these people. Gather your happy friends around you! Develop and nurture your relationships with your neighbors. You'll feel better - and so will they! This is a contagion to definitely catch!!

End Emotional Eating with EFT

I'll never forget one of my obese client's stories. She's 6 years old, taken to the local bar with her alcoholic father. She's the princess of the pub. "A big juicy hamburger and huge plate of fries was always set in front of me. My eyes would light up. I took one bite and the world melted away. I felt my body melt right under the table with that juicy meat and bun. The fries kept me melted and gone."

Why do people eat when they are not hungry? According to the foundational theory of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), people overeat to tranquilize unresolved negative emotions and traumas. Recent research has established that obese people overeat because their food cravings are controlled by the same part of the brain that control drug cravings in addicts. This brain circuitry located in the hippocampus is also the part of the brain that is involved with emotion.

People are already conquering food cravings by addressing their unresolved emotional issues with EFT - and they have been doing so for more than a decade. EFT involves fingertip tapping on select acupressure points while focusing on the craving in question. EFT claims an 80% success rate in calming the emotions that trigger food cravings.

I've worked with compulsive eaters and chronic dieters for over 18 years. I find EFT to be the most effective tool for helping people rid themselves of uncontrollable urges and cravings for food. People who overeat don't have a food problem or a willpower problem. They have a problem dealing with difficult emotions without the aid of food.

In private practice and in the 15 years of teaching a course for overeaters, my clients consistently express this "yearning" feeling, this "nagging/driven" feeling to go hunt for food. It comes from unresolved emotion - there is no doubt in my mind. When we clear up the hidden emotions, along with breaking out of the diet mentality, they find a normal relationship to food and find their body going back to a normal size. EFT makes this process easier than ever before.

Gary Craig, founder of EFT, reports, "I see repeatedly that emotional issues like fear, anger, boredom, shame, and resentment are the very centerpiece of someone's weight gain. But their emotional issues have remained unresolved despite willpower and conventional therapies. This is because the emotional issues have disrupted their energy meridian system(or Chi in Chinese Medicine). Until the energy system is balanced, the emotional eating will continue."

I am thrilled we have EFT. It balances the energy system in a way that allows people to finally take control and manage whatever emotion that needs attention without stuffing or distracting themselves with food. It's an amazing new freedom to be free around food and with your body! It's a life-changer.

If you are concerned about your relationship with your emotions and your food cravings, give me a call at 303-300-6733 and we can discuss if you would be eligible for joining a class to gain freedom around food.