Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tina Turner and Peak Performance:  Part II

Last week was the first in my 3-part series on Tina Turner and Peak Performance.  We spoke of aligning your heart and head - and the culprit, often non-conscious, of the belief, "I'm not good enough," and some recommended action steps. (3/22/11)

This week's Part II is:

Why do I need Self-Love?

  • Does your talent far exceed your performance?
  • Are you losing confidence in your ability to play your best consistently?
  • Do you hesitate because you're afraid of making a mistake?
  • Are you choking in pressure situations?
  • Are you so stuck on perfection that you beat yourself up when you make a mistake?

People who've done EFT with me for any concern know the power of this method by adding doses of compassion, forgiveness and self-love.  It does wonders for catapulting the performance results for athletes, musicians, and public speakers.

One of the main tools of my EFT work with clients is the use of love.  What the heck do I mean? 

It means transforming:
  • the negativity of backlash for mistakes
  • the impossibility of unreachable expectations and standards
  • the vision of true success
It means infiltrating our systems (thought, feeling, physiology) with:
  • self-compassion
  • forgiveness
  • tenderness
  • ~ did I mention compassion?
You can tune into my recent interview, "What's Love Got to Do With It?" with EFT practitioner, Alina Frank.  We talk about how I use EFT with athletes and musicians to create their best performance.

You can also read my earlier blogs that will give you full EFT tapping protocols to use for enhancing your performance in many areas of your life.

Happy Tapping!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tina Turner and Peak Performance

What’s Love Got to Do With It?
(can't you just hear Tina Turner?)

I help talented and smart clients who know they are under-performing.  My clients possess a deep passion that must be realized, the talent to do so, and self beliefs and emotions that just plain get in the way.

During the next 3 weeks I'll be talking about how LOVE and compassion are key components for Peak Performance ...  so keep tuning in!

  • Love and Peak Performance     3/22/11
  • Why do I need it?                     3/29/11
  • When will I know I have it?        4/5/11

Power lies in Aligning Your Heart and Head

“Get your head in the game!” screams the coach, as his start tennis player double faults on match point.  It’s true – you do need your head in the game!  You need the mental toughness and clarity to stay present through every stroke in a competitive tennis match.  And your physical fitness level must be top notch. Coaches, music instructors, and trainers are all excellent at getting you in shape for your performance.  But often what’s forgotten in training is emotional management – the HEART of the performance.

I’m talking about the performer’s emotions about themselves before they ever step foot into their performance arena.  The root system of mental/emotional poise; calm and confident performance, is the performer’s sense of self – that “I’m good!” feeling.

Sounds like a small matter, perhaps, compared to raw talent, tons of practice, and pure grit - but in 24 years of working with individuals, no matter how high their ranks, the #1 “enemy” is “I’m not good enough.”  It lurks in the subconscious like a poison; infiltrating every stroke, sentence, melody.  It’s the powerful, subtle force that rips the player from their most inspired, awesome performance – and their most exquisite joy of accomplishment.

Consider how important it is
to move from, “I’m not good enough” to into your heart when you’re playing a round of golf.  In The Spirit of Golf, Feb.2011 edition, the author writes:

The only reason we want to hit good golf shots is that we think we will feel better when we hit them.  That seems to make enough sense.  The problem comes, however, when we ignore the behind-the-scenes energy that it takes to see the shots unfold. If we don’t feel good along the way, there can be no good shots to experience.  In other words, a mind that is full of frustration, anxiety, anger and doubt is not going to be able to set into motion an energy that can crystallize into positive results. 

As this speaks of a mind that’s full of these negative emotions, consider this:        
The heart produces the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. Its electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain and its magnetic field is 5,000 times greater!  In truth, the most powerful source of our inner power lies in the heart and in our ability to experience and manage our emotions. (The Institute of Heart Math)
My advice to you? Go out of your mind! And check your heart. Then get them aligned. Think how powerful you will be when you’ve got both those energy forces going in the same direction!  Click here to learn more about how important the heart is in maximizing your performance.                                                                                          

Action Steps:

1.  List out what thoughts you tell yourself about your upcoming performance.
2.  Notice... are they creating anxiety, worry, fear? ... confidence, strength, power?
3.  Choose one negative, blocking emotion and apply EFT (you may find the recipe 
     for EFT by scrolling down to middle of blog below this one)
4.  Keep tapping until you have your negative emotion/belief down to zero or one.

Happy Tapping, and . . .  I'd love to hear from you - 
what does love have to do with it for YOU?
Remember to stay tuned for next week's  "Why do I  need it?"