Sunday, June 1, 2008

Launch your best golf game.

Are you missing puts and shots that you would normally make?

Thoughts are the controlling forces for your actions. What are you thinking as you are taking that shot?
1st tee off:
"People are looking at me."
"I never do well on the 1st hole"
"It's too windy for me to play well."
"I just don't know how to chip"
"I am going to skull it over the green!"
"I don't feel comfortable with my putter."
"I need a new putter!"
And the list goes on.

Are you tired of these negative unconscious thoughts? You can work on the exterior mechanics of your golf game, now let's work on the interior mechanics of your mental game.
Mastering the inner game -- 80% of golf is mental. Don't miss out on the biggest and best area for improvement -- your thoughts!