Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Trick to Those Tricky New Year's Promises

So how are the New Year’s resolutions coming along?
You know . . .

- Eating “better”
- Upping your exercise regime to get to the next level
- Getting rid of your stage fright so you can go for the audition
- Taking some yoga to reduce stress and lengthen those muscles
- Developing a new spiritual practice, or getting back to the
practice you found meaningful
- Renew friendships that have slid away in the midst of a busy life
If your resolutions are still believable you are probably well on your way to attracting the things that you desire.

How’s it going? What’s in the way? One thing that sounds simple, and is most essential, is to actually believe you can do it. Pick one resolution. For the elite athlete, one is very focused on the time splits of her next triathlon; the golfer envisions each golf stroke having just the angle and mental clarity needed to land just where his intention takes it. Intention is everything. Believing in the intention is everything.

Pick one of your resolutions and fill it with intention. Remember why you want this. It always helps me to write things down. If you know whether you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, then use that mode to help cement your intention. I’m visual so I write it down – on colored paper that really pleases me. With colored ink that really gives me pleasure. Believe it before you take any action. Suspend your judgment and protests and practice believing it.

What will it look like to have accomplished this? What will you look like? What will you feel like? What will you be saying about yourself to yourself? – to others? What will others be saying about you now that you have accomplished your resolution. Get into it! You don’t need to know any rocket science here – imagine, visualize, write it all down, imagine and visualize it again. How does your body feel?

Have you noticed how your mindset has either brought you closer to or pushed you further away from that which you desire? Notice where you get hung up. Write those statements down. These are the blocking beliefs. You have just identified the beliefs that will sabotage you – but they don’t have to. There are ways to get rid of the blocking beliefs – to actually change the beliefs from negative to positive. For now, just know that. They are only beliefs, not fact. Many people realize they think their resolutions are just out of reach, but they are not. It’s just the blocking belief that’s in the way.

Think back over your life to the times you have really used resolve (resolution) to accomplish some pretty neat stuff, in fact, very important things. Let yourself be inspired by your ability! Keep going back to your intention, cement your intention, practice belief in your intention, visualize it happening! You just might surprise yourself!