Friday, May 13, 2011

Warm Eyes for Peak Performance

I was singing well in my voice lesson the other day and my teacher says, "Now warm your eyes." So I did.  "Beautiful!" she says.

It was that fast.  How did I know what she meant?  I just did it.  I shifted into my heart and felt the love and warmth move into and through my eyes.  Voila - that energy immediately came through in the pitch and tone of my voice.  The sound got fuller, more beautiful; "better."  It was ever so slight, but oh, so much more exquisite.  It's one of those "peak performance" differences!
You can "warm your eyes" whether you are working to lose weight, be more proficient at tennis or golf, or give the best public speech of your life. Your success always takes on a new powerful level when you "warm your eyes!"

As someone who desires to always be "better," to improve in your talent, your craft, your life, you know the drill.  If you are an athlete, speaker, or musician, you practice and practice - then perfect it with the subtle, powerful techniques that separate good from great.  And this comes from the irony of letting go of thought and moving into that mysterious area of heart.

I worked with a young tennis player of amazing talent.  She would get so frustrated that she would just "give up" when the going got tough.  She beat herself up for losing a big lead.  She would be negative about particular stadiums, or her hotel room, or decide she didn't like the girl she had to play against in her upcoming match.  Talk about negative vibes taking control of her tennis swing!

These kinds of demons can waste an athlete's talent.

There were so many distractions of "hateful" emotions that there was no "warm eye" energy to move the ball.  So... I set to work with her using EFT tapping to diminish the aggravation about all this focus on everything "wrong" with the moment.  We worked to move her energy into the realm of warm eyes - for herself, for the match, for her desire to play well and win.  She moved on the Emotional Scale from hatred, anger and doubt to optimism, positive expectation and actual freedom.  The freedom moved through each stroke and she won matches she never would have otherwise won!  Her talent was allowed to show up.  And SHE showed up in all her glory!

That is what I want for all my clients - and it is entirely possible!

"It's always amazing what fears lurk on the 'braking' side of the line. Crossing over that line into YES opens the door to the other side - ease and flow - and relishing the JOY of doing what one loves - and doing it well!"                                                                    ~  Bernadette Hunter

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