Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm a good coach - but I could be a great coach!

I'll never forget it. I'm at a coach's clinic of 900 some high school and university athletic coaches. This large man with a teddy bear appearance walks up to me, looks me straight in the eyes and says, "I'm a good coach, and I know I could be a great coach." There was no doubt about it. This man possessed great leadership and a caring heart for his athletes. He also possessed a fair number of inner demons.

This university football coach was quite taken with the EFT method. He didn't think EFT strange at all ( people tell me "strong" men won't do EFT - I've never experienced this) and after his experience of immediate results, he was sold on it. He and I worked together on several things that had been silent and powerful blocks against him taking full control of his ability to lead. Some layers of being humiliated and embarrassed as a young man were cleared. (This seems to come up with my successful male clients frequently.) We were able to incorporate full forgiveness for some things he had done in his 20's that he felt shame for. The relief, the lightening of his spirit were palpable.

He called me nearly two years after our work was completed. "Bernadette, I'm a better coach, I'm a better husband and father; I don't get upset and angry like I used to. I've lost 25 pounds because I don't drink as much, and I've kept it going. When I get stressed, I shut the door to my office and start tapping!"

I don't need a testimonial here. The important thing is that if you are committed to improving an area of your life - in this case, a coaching career - you will find improvements occurring in many areas as you discover the universality of EFT. I encourage everybody to fully utilize the EFT method in any area of their life. It usually is amazing what hidden blocks will just pop out of the unconscious, and from that place they can be tapped on and neutralized.

You're good - and you could be Great!

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